“Not Following NY State Approved Health Protocols”: US Open Organizers Hit Back at Fake Bubble Allegations From Benoit Paire

September 1, 2020 6:09 pm

Every person inside the US Open bio-secure bubble would have been a bit tensed when Benoit Paire was infected with the Coronavirus. The bubble is in place to protect everyone involved in the Grand Slam from the deadly virus.

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US Open organizers respond to Benoit Paire’s allegations

But what followed after Paire’s positive test was a war of words between him and the US Open. Paire obviously had to withdraw from the tournament and had posted an update on his Instagram handle. He said he was asymptomatic but also claimed that the bubble US Open has created is a fake one.

“I’m fine for now I have no symptoms .. I hesitate to tell what is really going on in this Fake Bubble,” Benoit Paire posted on his Instagram.

It is a very bold claim from Paire against the US Open. Replying to the allegation, the organizers of the Grand Slam indirectly mentioned that Paire didn’t follow the New York State approved health protocols, and so that is how he might have contracted the malady.

“It was clearly stated that the player who contracted the virus was not following New York State approved health protocols.” US Open organizers stated (Translated quotes)

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What happens to the players who were in contact with Benoit Paire?

In an interview with the Tennis Channel, Stacey Allaster, Tournament Director of the US Open, said that contact tracing has been done and all decisions have been made. Paire is reportedly quarantined in his hotel room, and the players that came in contact with the Frenchman will continue to participate in the Grand Slam.

“The two individuals that did have positive tests have been well-looked after. Contact tracing has been executed, decisions have been made, and we’re continuing on to have those individuals in the competition based on the medical science and all of those facts. They will be in the competition starting this morning.” Stacy said.

Even in a bubble, players have to be careful and take precautions to avoid the spread of the virus. Let’s hope no more positive cases are reported inside the US Open bubble.

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