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Not really a fan of being compared to anyone : Max Verstappen

Not really a fan of being compared to anyone : Max Verstappen


Max Verstappen has delivered some brilliant drives in the past two seasons. His fans all over the world have now started to proclaim him as the next Ayrton Senna. Given his unapologetically aggressive driving style, one can actually justify the claim. One of these drives was a true showcase to his talents – Brazilian GP 2016. Here, in Senna’s birth country, Verstappen climbed from 16th to 3rd in full wet conditions – Senna’s playground.

Max, in an interview with sports journalist Wilfried de Jong, put these comparisons to rest, claiming that he is not a ‘fan’ of being compared and that he wants to focus on himself.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has shrugged off attempts to compare him with former great names from the history of Formula 1.

Max Verstappen Stole the show at Brazil GP, 2016
Max Verstappen Stole the show at Brazil GP, 2016

“I’m not really a fan of being compared to anyone, I try to keep focusing on myself. It is nice to hear that people are positive. But it’s not something to think too much about. In Formula 1 you can go from hero to zero in a moment.”

“I always think you have to think of yourself as the best,” he replied when asked who the top driver was today. “If you don’t, what’s the point of participating? The goal is to be the best and I have to prove it when I get the chance,” he insisted. “That’s obviously depended on the car, but hopefully I’m able to prove myself more often.”

Max Verstappen is one of the youngest drivers on the grid and seems to be of the view of moving on in the sport. He admitted to having only limited interest in the history of his sport.

“Guys like Sebastian Vettel love the old cars and bikes, I’m more modern,” he said. “I do know a bit about it, but my knowledge doesn’t stretch that far back. I know the names, but the really old cars don’t really have my interest. I’d never really have the urge to drive those cars – they’re just too old, too slow. Although anything driven on the limit is challenging, it just doesn’t do it for me.”

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