Novak Djokovic Enraged With Hurricane Like Conditions at French Open 2019

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World Number one tennis player, Novak Djokovic was looking forward to extending his Grand Slam winning streak to 28 matches and re-accomplishing his 2016 eminence in Paris, but it was Austrian, Dominic Thiem who denied the Serbian to fulfill his milestone in the last four round of French Open 2019.

The second semifinal match at Roland-Garros kept shifting its momentum as the play was suspended on Friday evening due to the blustery conditions in Paris where wind speeds were about 55 mph, also on the Saturday when the play resumed it was again interrupted in the fifth set because of the rain.

Novak Djokovic

“There are no rules. What I was explained yesterday on the court in the first set when I asked the supervisor, he came on the court and he said as long as there are no flying objects coming to the court, we’re good,” Novak Djokovic mentioned after his defeated. “I didn’t know that umbrella is not a flying object, which flew in the first game of the match, but that’s their decision. I guess they know tennis better.”

On Friday, the Grand Slam semifinal match was suspended in a controversial manner as Novak Djokovic packed his stuff and left Roland-Garros and the matches for the day were canceled for the day around 6.30 pm (local time) which was three hours before the sunset in Paris.

Before Novak Djokovic played, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer were carrying out their sixth meeting on the Parisian clay in similar conditions, but they accepted the situations on the court. Also, Dominic Thiem tackled optimistically with the conditions of nature, however, the top-seed was enraged with the stormy ambiance, where the objective on court turns out to be survival rather than finishing the ball.

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Novak Djokovic

“When you’re playing in hurricane kind of conditions, it’s hard to perform your best,” Novak Djokovic elaborated the situations on Friday. “It’s really just kind of surviving in these kind of conditions and trying to hold your serve and play one ball more than your opponent in the court. That’s what it felt like playing yesterday”.

“I don’t want to point out some reasons or find excuses for this loss. I mean, he took it, he won it, and well done to him. I don’t think I have done too much wrong, to be honest, in the entire tournament.” the Serb added.

It takes time for a tennis player to settle in a match and to pick up the impulse required for playing, but the interruptions in the midst of prestigious match disturb the momentum of the players to a great extent. Court Philippe-Chatrier was occupied by the eminent players of the sport of tennis who were playing a semifinal match of a major and intervals are simply intolerable, as it majorly affects their performance.

Novak Djokovic

“This match was always going to be tough because Dominic is a fantastic player on clay, in general, but especially on clay. It’s just unfortunate these kind of matches, one or two points decide a winner,” Novak Djokovic concluded.

This year, the Serb had and smooth start in Australia where he pulled off his Melbourne major. Post his win, he experienced series losses until the Madrid Open 2019. Irrespective of tomorrow’s Roland-Garros champion, Novak Djokovic will continue to site on the summit of the ATP ladder.

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