Novak Djokovic in Danger After Fitness Coach Tests Positive for COVID-19

By 4 months ago

Serbian star Novak Djokovic has been conducting the ‘Adria Tour’ which was something everyone was excited about but sadly, it had some unintended consequences. Grigor Dimitrov tested positive for the coronavirus which is why the Adria Tour finals in Zadar was canceled. But he was not the only one who tested positive for the virus and that is bad news for Novak. Check it out.

Novak Djokovic In Danger

According to SportKlub, In addition to Grigor Dimitrov testing positive, His coach and Borna Coric also tested positive for the virus. But that is not what poses a danger to Novak Djokovic. The danger to Novak is that his fitness coach Marko Paniki has tested positive for the virus which is not good news.

Novak is going to be tested as soon as he arrives at Belgrade. Every single person in the world is going to be hoping that he will test negative for the virus that has affected so many people around the world. And hopefully, that is exactly what will happen.

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There have been many people who have criticized Novak for conducting the ‘Adria Tour’ in the first place. They also criticized how the event was being played as nobody was following the social distancing guidelines. This obviously did not work in favor of any person who took part in the event.

Nick Kyrgios was also one of the people who slammed the event. He was against the event in the first place and the many players who tested positive just proved his point. He wished those players a fast recovery but he also said that that is what happens when all guidelines are disregarded.

Let’s hope that all the players who were infected will have recover fast. And that players like Novak will test negative for the virus when they do get tested.

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