Novak Djokovic, after a disappointing start to his season, has been in ruthless form, taking home both, the Wimbledon and the US open trophies. The Serb who was written off as a diminishing force, has charged into the ATP rankings, re-igniting the world number one title race again. Djokovic, who is often known to be a fun-loving character on the court, not to mention his nickname (joker) , is equally giving and compassionate off the court.


The Serb runs a charity organisation for the kids- The Novak Djokovic Foundation. Djokovic’s victory guaranteed  more than €30,000 for the purchase of new furniture, sports materials and books to aid in the educational experience for the four classes that run at the schools. Jelena Djokovic, Novak’s wife, is also the co-founder of the organisation.”We are so excited to have been able to make this donation and to help children in Svilajnac have a better start in life,” said Jelena Djokovic.


Djokovic also emphasizes on the importance of having children in their lives. He believes that it is important to keep the flame of childishness burning, within each human being.

Obviously, being a child is something that every adult should always remind themselves of or think of, to keep that inner child, so to say, active and joyful throughout your life because we all shouldn’t take life too seriously and children remind us of that and remind us of what it is to be curious and to be happy to live in the present moment,” said Djokovic.

Novak has currently overtaken the likes of Zverev, Cilic and Dimitrov and is perched on the third position of the ATP singles rankings. With all the grand slams now in the bag, the players have very few tournaments in their hands to fight for precious points in the title race. Djokovic’s late resurgence has spiced up the battle for ending the year as the world number one.


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