Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has returned to the peak of his form, winning both the grand slams in the latter half of the season. The Serb revealed that he always knew he was going to return to old ways. However, he had anticipated that he would peak at the US Open, but Christmas came early for Djokovic as he won the title at the Wimbledon, earlier this year.

“To be honest when I came back with the new-old team, my coach Marian and conditional coach, we sat down in April of this year and talked about strategies and made both long-term and short-term goals”, said Novak Djokovic. “In that schedule, it was planned that somewhere around US Open I will reach my conditional best.”Novak Djokovic



“To the pleasant pleasure for us all the peak of my form came at the time of Grass season”, continued the US Open champion. “I played final in Queens, I won Wimbledon and that was a great turning point and something I desperately needed at that moment because for a year and a half I had oscillations in both the scores I produced and as a player, so I was trying to rediscover myself on the court.”

Djokovic said that despite being one of the pivotal moments of his career, the Wimbledon victory was not the best match in his career so far. The Serb said that his sweetest victory came against the Spaniard Rafael Nadal at The Championships, Wimbledon. “The biggest one is Wimbledon in 2011, I won against Nadal and I won the title and became No.1″, said Djokovic.“That was the probably the biggest day of my career.”Novak Djokovic“And also the Davis Cup in 2010″, said Nole. “That’s also very special, special title in my career. I had tough losses, a lot of tough losses. It’s all sport. Probably I can’t pick one, but there were a few in Grand Slam finals that were quite….’, said Djokovic as he searched for the right words.

Djokovic is set to feature at the Paris Masters 1000, which is the last masters tournament on the calendar, and Djokovic’s earliest shot to capture the world number one title. The Shanghai Open champion, is currently enjoying a break with his family. We leave you with the picture that Djokovic posted on his social media, after returning back home.


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