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Novak Djokovic:”I Asked Everyone What it Means to be a Father”

Novak Djokovic:”I Asked Everyone What it Means to be a Father”

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic, after his Shanghai Open victory, is taking a small break from tennis, to spend some quality time with his family. Despite his dismal start to the season, the US Open champion, has returned to the best of his forms. “I mean, look, I think you’re seeing the new Novak. I don’t need to describe him. That’s all I can say”, said Novak Djokovic, in his press conference in China.Novak Djokovic

“We have talked about it already many times in the last, you know, six months of my whole journey”, said Novak Djokovic. “Psychologically mostly what I was going through and how I had to reinvent myself and find, you know, proper formula for success. I found it and, you know, I’m just trying to hold on to it as long as I can”, he added.

Djokovic feels he is now in closing distance of finishing the year as the world number one. This confidence has prompted Djokovic to take a good rest before heading off to Paris, for the final masters tournament of the year.  “Yeah, I mean, we are very close. I think it’s around 50 points’ difference”, said Nole. “So obviously I don’t feel as much, I would say, pressure to play before Paris (Masters 1000) as much as I would if the situation was different points-wise”.Novak Djokovic

Djokovic spoke about fatherhood, and how it has been a turning point in his life. “I was truly curious before becoming a father and I asked for advice from every single parent I know, especially my father who is an established father, what does it mean to be a father, what kind of feeling is it, what emotions and feelings will I face, so I can more or less get to know that situation”, said Djokovic.

“Everyone agreed on one thing and, more or less, told me the same and that is that you can not prepare yourself for that”, he continued. “You must experience it so you can feel that emotion. They were right, it is indescribable. At least for me as a parent, when we became parents a new dimension of love was unlocked inside of us, happiness, joy, the meaning of life”, said Djokovic.

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