Novak Djokovic Posts Another Challenge for His Colleagues During Coronavirus Shutdown

By 2 months ago

A while back we saw Roger Federer volleying against a wall with his usual display of skill. He even challenged everyone else to try and do the same. This challenge quickly became popular which is why Novak Djokovic has come up with a challenge of his own. Check it out.

Novak Djokovic Challenges Everyone

The jump rope has been a popular exercise tool for many athletes. This is why Novak Djokovic decided to urged everybody to do a challenge using this, but with a twist – you have to do 100 double jumps. This means you will have to jump twice for every round the rope travels.

This challenge may look easy, but it’s far from it. In the video, you can see Novak panting after completing it, and he’s one of the fittest athletes in the world. So, if you are going to do the challenge, you have your work cut out for you.

Even though this is a tough task to accomplish, many people should try it as it allows you to compare your fitness with the very best. It is just like how Federer’s volley challenge allowed us to compare our skills to his. We may be really bad compared to them, but it is good to know where we stand.

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The double jump rope is something Novak is probably doing right now to maintain his fitness level. He wants to be at his best because he has his eyes set on a particular goal – becoming the GOAT of tennis.

To do this, he has to hold one record – the most Grand Slam titles. Novak currently has 17 which is 3 short of Roger’s 20. His great run of form has enabled him to reach a place from whence he can actually beat this record, which is why he is probably waiting for the next opportunity to get closer.

Unfortunately, that opportunity is not going to come for a while. This is because the coronavirus pandemic has suspended the ATP Tour. It is scheduled to return in July when Novak will get his opportunity.

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