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Novak Djokovic Recalls Time When His Family Had Only 10 Dollars Left

Novak Djokovic Recalls Time When His Family Had Only 10 Dollars Left

While tennis is usually considered a leisure activity for the rich, world number one, Novak Djokovic, did not come from a very prosperous background. In fact, he has lived through a phase where his family struggled to make ends meet.

In a war-torn Serbia, Novak certainly didn’t have an easy childhood. However, as they say, the brightest of diamonds are found in the most dangerous coal mines. That’s how Djokovic learned the importance of success and how it could change his fortunes.

An interviewer once asked Novak about his habits regarding financial savings. He revealed that his parent’s advice and childhood struggles are what led him on. Let’s find out what he had to say.

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What did Novak Djokovic say? 

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic was pretty emotional when talking about this aspect of his life. You could see in his eyes that this meant a lot to him.

“Well, you learn from your parents obviously. I mean I they teach you some fundamental things in life. They made us realize you know, how important it is to have the awareness about how you spend, what you save. But also the circumstances like in which we grew up, going back to the situation where my dad put 10 Deutsche marks on the table. You know that’s all you had. So I think also those circumstances and the environment taught us big lessons about money and money being something that you have to value and respect because you have to earn it, you have to work hard for it. And when you do it doesn’t belong to you, it’s just a mean that goes through and it allows you to live a nicer life but it does not give you happiness, it does not give you joy, that is something completely different.”

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It’s true that life has certainly paid Novak Djokovic back for his hard work. Today he can compensate his parents for all the hardships they faced while raising him. Stories like these are what makes Novak one of the most respected big players in tennis.

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