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Novak Djokovic Regrets Not Lifting a Grand Slam in New York and Paris

Novak Djokovic Regrets Not Lifting a Grand Slam in New York and Paris

The 2020 tennis season has been a great one for Serbian star Novak Djokovic. At the beginning of the year, he won the Australian Open, and  went on to pick up 3 more titles after that. In addition to that, he also has an outstanding win-loss record, losing only 2 matches. After such a tremendous season, many people wonder whether the Serb has any regrets. In response to this, the Serb said,

“There is a little regret because I have not a trophy in NY or Paris since I have been in an extraordinary form for both. The season is what it is, with the break and everything, but I’ve won a lot of matches, so I can compare it with 2011 and 2015.”

Novak Djokovic at French Open
Tennis – French Open – Roland Garros, Paris, France – Serbia’s Novak Djokovic reacts during the final . He played it against Spain’s Rafael Nadal REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Novak Djokovic Chasing Records

Novak has had a great season, and he is not done yet as he is set to play at the Vienna Open. And there, he is planning to equal a record – the most year-end No.1 finishes.

The current record is held by Pete Sampras who finished the year as the World No.1 6 times. With a win in Vienna, the Serb could very well equal this record. It would be too difficult for his rival Rafael Nadal to make up for the points difference and Novak knows that. That is why he opted to play in Austria instead of Paris where he cannot earn any new points.

In addition to this record, Novak is also looking to break another one – the most weeks at World No.1. Roger Federer currently holds this with 310 but Novak is not far behind with 291. If everything goes his way, he will break this record on March 8, 2021, further cementing his place as a tennis legend.

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