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Novak Djokovic Reveals The Reasons Behind NexGen’s Collapse at Grand Slams

Novak Djokovic Reveals The Reasons Behind NexGen’s Collapse at Grand Slams

Novak Djokovic

World Number one, Novak Djokovic has landed in New York City of his title defense at the US Open 2019, and also the Serb has begun practicing on the courts of Flushing Meadows. Before he left for New York, Djokovic alluded to the reasons why the upcoming generation of tennis is unable to make deep runs at Grand Slams. 

After his loss to a younger generation contender, Daniil Medvedev in Cincinnati, Djokovic mentioned that why it is difficult for players like Medvedev to outperform the ‘Big Three’ at Grand Slams, despite Medvedev defeating Djokovic two consecutive times this year.

Novak Djokovic
Cincinnati Open 2019

“He (Medvedev) deserves to be in the mix, certainly, with all his results. He’s working his way to top 5 of the world. He’s definitely one of the best players in the world at this moment. He deserves to be in the contention for the championship in New York. But again, it’s best of five. It’s two weeks. It’s Grand Slam,” Djokovic said.

At the Australian Open 2019, Medvedev fell to Djokovic in the fourth round and that records his personal best-run at Slams. Post that, the Russian defeated him in Monte-Carlo and Cincinnati.“He’s been doing well, you know, in most of the tournaments. Slams, he still has, you know, yet to break to the last, so to say, 8 or last 4 of the Slam,” Djokovic added.

When it comes to Grand Slam tennis, the courts are pitch-perfect, the playing conditions, rest days and ambiance are simply ideal for the players to perform to at their highest potential. There has to be an incessant emphasis on every best-of-five-sets match they play and which is conducive to earning their ticket for the 14th day of the championship.

Grand Slams are more of tennis in mind than the physical tennis which is played in other tournaments, and to overcome this obstacle, the experience gained over the years gives a positive outcome when applied suitably. 

“It’s a different environment, a different experience. It just takes, you know, much more, I think, than just your game. I think it takes patience and ability to know how to deal with all the off-court things, the importance of a Slam,” Novak Djokovic said.

Novak Djokovic
ATP Finals 2018

The 16-time major champion, Djokovic gave the example of Alexander Zverev. Sascha has won big titles in his career which include three Masters and one ATP Finals title, but when it comes to Slams, the German lad hasn’t gone beyond the quarterfinals.

“Zverev, for example, you know, who is again an amazing player, struggling in Grand Slams. Because Grand Slams are just different tournaments, you know. They have so many challenges on and off the court for a tennis player. It messes up with your mind at times. But that’s why, over the years, you know, you gain experience that helps you,” Djokovic added.

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