Novak Djokovic – “Tennis Was Missing Roger Federer on Clay”

Roland Garros 2011: Roger Federer put an end to Djokovic’s 43-match winning streak
Roland Garros 2011: Roger Federer put an end to Djokovic’s 43-match winning streak and remained World Number one

The Swiss tennis ace, Roger Federer has acknowledged his participation on clay after a three-year-long hiatus from the surface. His last visit to the Roland Garros stadium was in the year 2015 and since then Roger Federer did not step on the Parisien Terre Battue.

This year, the 20-time Grand Slam champion, Roger Federer has dropped two matches on the ATP tour this year and he has captured two out of three championship matches that he played. Besides that, he joined the club of century crowns where Jimmy Connors was the solitary dweller.

Novak Djokovic Mentions The Change in Roger Federer’s Weapon:

Roger Federer, The Roland Garros 2009 Champion
Roger Federer, The Roland Garros 2009 Champion

Novak Djokovic who is on his way to collect his fourth consecutive Slam for the second time was interrogated upon Federer’s ability to defend the Roland Garros 2019 crown, “‘I think so,” Novak Djokovic replied. “I mean, certainly other Slams more than Roland Garros for Roger are, so to say ‑ he has more chance to win other slams than Roland Garros, but he has won Roland Garros in the past. He hasn’t played it obviously last year or last few years, but, you know, it’s hard to speak about Roger’s level because it’s always there. It’s always at its highest”.

Djokovic commented on Roger Federer switching to a bigger sized racquet. “I really, aside of maybe one year where he changed a racquet and dropped to I think No., whatever, 7, 8, and then he was injured for five, six months, dropped his ranking to out of 15, those maybe two times in the last 15 years have been maybe where I saw him play 10, 20% worse than he’s playing on the level that he’s playing on all the time,” Djokovic continued.

“So it’s always expected in a way from my side when I see him play, compete on any level on any surface that he’s going to be at his best, that he’s always going to be one of the candidates or favourites to win any tournament. Really, I can’t talk about Roger in any other instance, you know, regardless of the surface.”

The Clay Season Was Incomplete Without Roger Federer:

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

Novak Djokovic acknowledged the three-year-old truancy of Roger Federer from the red dirt where the sport of tennis missed his game on clay. Also, he is excited about Federer’s return on the mud surface. “I mean, I thought tennis was missing him definitely on clay last year,” Djokovic revealed. “Personally I think most of the people understood why he decided to skip the clay court season last year, and I also understand why he wants to play. Definitely, for our sport, it’s better that he plays. We’re looking forward to seeing him”.

Roger Federer Tackling High Balls at The Indian Wells 2019:

Roger Federer, Indian Wells 2019
Roger Federer, Indian Wells 2019

Collectively, in the entire American swing, Roger Federer lost one match to Dominic Thiem in three sets at the Indian Wells 2019. And he dropped just a set at the Miami Open 2019. Novak Djokovic feels that the recent American ascendancy of Roger Federer would enliven his performance on the clay.  “‘I mean, he’s been playing some great tennis lately. You know, Indian Wells, Miami, he’s won two out of three. Played finals, Indian Wells. It’s as good as it gets,” the Serb mentioned.

Further, the World Number one tennis player added how the desert performance of Roger Federer could bolster his play on the dirt. “Of course, it’s different surface, but Indian Wells, you know, the ball bounces quite high there, which kind of imitates the clay, so, I mean, he dealt with that high balls really well throughout his career, so I don’t see any particular big issue for him playing on this surface. He won French, he won all the big ones. He is who he is, so you always expect highest from him,” Djokovic mentioned.

This week the Serb, Novak Djokovic is playing the Monte-Carlo Masters 2019 and in the doubles court he will be teaming up with his compatriot, Marko Djokovic. As Roger Federer is not playing the Monte-Carlo Masters 2019, he will commence his clay season at the Madrid Masters this year.