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NRG Show Off Their New Fortnite House

Published 08/21/2020, 12:41 PM EDT

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When it comes to Fortnite rosters, NRG has one of the best across the globe. With players like BenjyFishy, Zayt, Cody “Clix” Conrod, Dominick “Unknown” Green, Ben “Edgey” Peterson, this roster spells ‘danger’ for any other team.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Recently, NRG uploaded a video showing off their Fortnite house with Clix, Unknown, Edgey, and Ronaldo.


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With the addition of Clix and Ronaldo, the roster seems untouchable. As the team gave us a house tour, they also had something special in mind for the fans. They introduced it as a content house which differs vastly from a team house. 

NRG Executive Producer, Grady Rains explained what Season 1 was all about.

“We will be here for about a month, creating amazing content, and then next season we will be in a new location.” 

A reality series featuring our favorite players, now that is a treat for the fans.

NRG show off their new Fortnite house

When one thinks about houses built by eSports organizations for players, several other names come to mind. TSM and OpTic are top of the list with 100 Thieves. The reality series will probably be a success as the Fortnite community loves confrontations. 

Clix and Unknown are always at each other’s throats, trying to outdo the other. We recently learned about the little wager these two had between them, which did not end well for Unknown.


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Unknown even said, “here we have some equipment for when Clix and I get into a boxing match.”

Perhaps, in terms of publicity, nothing is better than a controversy between teammates.


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Creating content will be the priority 

We have not seen all these players team up in any situation before. They have played with each other but never as a squad. However, with content, they have their own methods to go about it. The creative independence they get is remarkable. 


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Hector Rodriguez (CEO of NRG) also mentioned on the CouRage and Nadeshot Show that “the content house strategy still works.” 

Content houses have the element of players not competing with each other. Thus, professional rivalry is not the most significant aspect here.

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