NuckleDu Officially Retires From Professional Esports

By 3 weeks ago

The Esports scene might almost always be competitive. Players step down every now and then for several reasons. Perhaps, one of the worst reasons for a player to step out could be due to real-life injuries. That tragedy has hit a professional player who will officially be retiring from the scene. Professional Street Fighter player NuckleDu has retired following a serious car accident. The player announced the news via Twitter.

Du Dang known by his nickname NuckleDu was famous for his achievements in Street Fighter. He captured fame by playing Ultimate Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Street Fighter V.

NuckleDu is a Capcom Cup Champion. He has had multiple tournament victories in his career. Over the course of his career, he has been a member of Team Liquid, Ghost Gaming and was last signed to Echo Fox.

The world pandemic has led many to be fully engrossed online. Social media has indeed played a vital role during this time. However, being in talks with closed ones could help in ways that couldn’t be put into words.

He has stated that he’d not be active on social media either as he believes he has nothing more to contribute. He has also urged others to call their loved ones and not to let social media consume them.

Twitter Reacts

Many players came in support of NuckleDu’s decision. You can read their tweets below.

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It is tough for any player to make a comeback after a serious injury. In the past, some of the notable names in the professional scenes have been part of some serious accidents.

Fur from MiBR and Shroud has had their fair share of hard times in the recent past. They were out for months but successfully made a comeback.

NuckleDu’s decision highlights the grave seriousness of his accident. The player’s grief over not being able to contribute any further is saddening. It is a hard time for fans and players alike. Hopefully, NuckleDu could find some other way to stay in the scene and motivate others.

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