OfflineTV’s Rust Server Extends an Invitation to SypherPK Following a Split in the Server

January 3, 2021 7:00 pm

OfflineTV’s Rust server has brought 50 of the internet’s biggest streamers under a single umbrella. The server includes heavyweights like Valkyrae and xQc among several others. However, it didn’t include the American YouTuber-SypherPK who recently shared his admiration for the server.

As a result, he shared a post on Twitter inquiring about a vacancy on the server. SypherPK is one of the most popular streamers out there. His presence on the server might generate twice the amount of anticipation for Rust, which, like several other titles, saw a massive surge in popularity in 2020.

Just an hour later, SypherPK posted yet another update. This time, he revealed that he had already received an invitation to be a part of the server and was looking to gather some tricks to perform well. He also said that he might stream over the weekend.

However, following a split in the server, it’s unclear which side will he join hands with.

Which server will SypherPK join hands with?

The Rust over the last few days has become the talk of the town. What started with a pretty successful venture soon turned into a battleground.

It all started when Shroud commented on the server saying that it will soon collapse. Not just that, he admitted that xQc would be the reason behind this downfall.

And the events that followed that incident suggest that there was some truth in what Shroud said. Just a couple of days after, xQc lashed out at other smaller streamers on the server which prompted an apology from him which he shared via a Twitter post.

Sadly, the damage had been done. The entire community since then has been of the view that the server would be better off without the notorious streamer.

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As a result of this chaos, one of the biggest streamers on the platform, Pokimane, announced her departure. She said before bidding a farewell to the server that she “wasn’t having fun streaming.” 

The founder of the server, Abe ‘BaboAbe’ Chung, fearing that other streamers might follow suit, announced a split in the server, introducing a segment dedicated to RP. The Rust server comprises content creators who have a different play-style.

It is possible that the competitive PvP mechanics of Rust didn’t suit everyone. It is also possible that the streamers started feeling unwelcomed after xQc lashed out at other streamers. While we don’t know if this was the driving reason behind the split, we do know that Abe has found a middle ground for everyone.

However, only time will tell how things pan out. The question here remains- Will SypherPK follow in the footsteps of streamers like xQc and be a part of the PvP competitive server? Or will he be the first inductee into the server focused entirely on RP?

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