Entering Tokyo Olympics 2020, Simone Biles was one of the most favorite players to win. However, things took a bit of twist and turn for her at the mega-quadrennial games.

Simone sent out an important message at the games to look out for your own mental health. Biles had too much pressure on her shoulder after the Rio Olympics 2016 performance. In Rio, she became a star performer as she had a stellar run clinching four Olympic medals.

Simone Biles became the first female gymnast and black woman to carry the US flag


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After her golden debut at the Rio Olympics 2016, Simone Biles created history. Biles became the first-ever American female gymnast and black woman to carry the flag at the closing ceremony.

In conversation with Peacock, Simone Biles reflected upon how it felt to be the flag bearer of America. She said,” That meant the world, especially because Team USA gets to vote for the athlete, so that was selected by Team USA and that’s something I will cherish forever.

Simone Biles brought home four gold medals in individual and team events at the Rio Olympics 2016. At 19, Biles became the American favorite by reaching this feat. Hence, Team USA unanimously made her the flag bearer for the closing ceremony.

Biles was too little to hold the flag but did not let it fall once

The American flag was around 6ft tall, while the American star was 4’8 ft. Albeit, she did not let the flag touch the ground once. However, Biles looked confused at the closing ceremony while marching with the flag.

In Rio, the closing ceremony was held in an open dome, and it started raining. Because of the wind and rain, a lot of athletes kept their flags down, but Biles was not okay with doing the same.


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She reflected on what happened during the closing ceremony. Biles said, ” The American flag is not supposed to touch the ground. They had an open dome, so it had started raining and it was kinda windy. So everyone was resting their flag on the floor and stuff, and I was like, no way we can do that with the American flag.”

Further, she talked about why she was looking confused during the march, “So I tried to keep it up, and it was so heavy, and I was so little, it was just a bit difficult, so I look confused.


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Even though it was tough, she held her head high, this portrays her love and respect for the country. Simone Biles might not have taken part in all the events at Tokyo Olympics in 2020, but she is still an Olympic champion. In Tokyo, she even won the bronze medal after battling with mental health.

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