One Big Condition On Which Vettel’s Ferrari F1 Future is Dependant: Former Ferrari Personnel

By 8 months ago

One of the biggest questions in Formula One, concerns the fate of a certain Sebastian Vettel. Many have wondered if he will renew his contract with Ferrari or be let go. The German driver’s contract is set to expire at the end of the 2020 season, and teammate Charles Leclerc has signed a new one already.  Some claim that Vettel will renew his contract with Scuderia Ferrari, while others think that he will either jump ship or retire.

According to Ferrari insider, Leo Turrini, Scuderia Ferrari displayed their intensions early, with Leclerc’s contract extension till 2024. This is a clear sign that the Ferrari top brass have a clear idea of where their future lies. Further complicating matters for Sebastian Vettel is the signing of Leclerc’s brother Arthur in the FDA.

Turrini noted that with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton extended their contracts with their respective teams. In other words, Vettel has no choice but renew with the Maranello outfit. This is unless he decides to throw a curve ball and sign with a different team altogether.

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It is also note-worthy that if Vettel chooses to walk away from F1, Ferrari have contingencies in place. A perfect plan B could be to lure Daniel Ricciardo to their side. The Australian driver’s own contract expires at the end of this year with Renault.

If Vettel were to re-sign with Ferrari for 2021, the economic conditions will most likely be different from the current situation. Aside from that, Sebastian Vettel could be thrust into the unfamiliat role of being the rear-gunner for Charles Leclerc.

For a four-time world champion, the question is, “is it better to be second in a top team like Ferrari, or a lead role in a smaller team?”  Or is there an option 3, which means retiring from Formula One altogether?

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