Petsukumvit Boi Bangna Grinds Out a Hard Fought Victory Against Chorfah Tor.Sangtiennoi at ONE Friday Fights 3

Published 02/03/2023, 1:40 PM EST

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The third edition of the ONE Friday Fights was expected to be an enthraller, just like the previous ones. The main event of the night was all set to feature Chorfah Tor.Sangtiennoi taking on fellow countryman fighter Petsukumvit Boi Bangna in an all-Thai Flyweight Muay Thai bout. The previous bouts had already set the environment for the main event up, many of which ended via knockouts.

We could term the crowd at the Lumpinee Stadium as super interactive as they cheered every major strike from the fighters. It was apparent that competing in front of such a crowd definitely was a proud moment for every athlete. Both the main eventers, Chorfah and Petsukumvit, took the ring with massive applause from the crowd. Petsukumvit made the walk into the ring first, followed by Chorfah fighting from the red corner.


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The event started with a small tradition of Muay Thai, which featured a few dance-like moves from the fighters.

Petsukumvit Boi Bangna dominated the first round but Chorfah didn’t lag behind

Both Chorfah and Petsukumvit had a watchful start. Both replied to each other kicks, with one of their own. Petsukumvit landed a few good jabs compared to Chorfah’s kicks. Petsukumvit dropped Chorfah with a stiff jab in about 1:30 mins of the fight. His jabs got stronger, much like Chorfah’s kicks. Petsukumvit clearly dominated the first round with some brutal hand strikes.

Chorfah also looked good with his kicks, but couldn’t keep up with Petsukumvit. The first round ended with Petsukumvit having a clear upper hand. The second round also saw a watchful start. But Petsukumvit pressurized Chorfah with a few strong jabs. After the referee broke the clinch, Petsukumvit landed another few more hand strikes. But, Chorfah also replied with two strong punches.


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The use of knees was a lot more seen in this round. The fighters got into clinches quite a number of times and were separated by the referee. Chorfah and Petsu both landed a few good combinations and got into the clinch as the round came to an end. It was pretty evenly matched up.

The third round was pretty evenly matched, which became the deciding factor

The third round started with both going in a clinch. Chorfah took the attack to his opponent with a few stiff left jabs. Petsu also replied with a few elbows in the clinch. Both fighters landed hands and knees. At the 1:10 mark, Chorfah dropped Petsukumvit, but it wasn’t considered a knockdown. Chorfah turned on the heat in the final minute with a few superb strikes. But was replied aptly by Petsukumvit. The fight finally ended with Chorfah applying a bit of pressure on Petsukumvit in the final seconds.

The winner had to be decided by the judge’s scores since neither fighter accepted to go out. All three judges at the ringside scored this contest in favor of Petsukumvit Boi Bangna declaring him the winner by a unanimous decision.

Petsukumvit was asked about his feelings after this win in his post-fight interview. He stated, “This is one of my dreams to fight here in ONE Championship”.

Petsukumvit also pointed to his own people in the stands and stated, “I want to thank all my friends from the gym, all my friends from college, and all my friends over here. This is like a dream come true for me”.

The interviewer talked about how he had “only one gear” which knew to attack with lots of volume and questioned him, “Is this what you expected [from the fight]”. Petsu replied, “Yes. This is my strategy. Even though my opponent doesn’t back down, I don’t back down as well. So, I try my best and I fight the best I could.”

A lot would agree with the words spoken by Petsukumvit in his post-fight press conference. He displayed real courage inside the ring.



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