One Punch KO! Michael Venom Page Flat Lines Opponent in First Round

By 10 months ago

Michael Venom Page faced his first loss in his fight career against the welterweight champion, Douglas Lima. It was a right hand followed by a devastating calf kick that knocked out Michael Venom Page in the semi-finals of welterweight Grand Prix. However, in Bellator London, MVP made his comeback with an impressive knockout against GIOVANNI MELILLO.

There were a lot of anticipations going into this fight MVP delivered when the chips were on his shoulder. It was typical MVP coming at his opponent with leg kicks. He used the reach advantage beautifully. Melillo looked clueless against the dynamic style and unpredictability of MVP. In the end, he decided to throw a leg kick at MVP, which cost him dearly. Michael Venom Page covered the distance quickly and landed a right hand when his opponent was off balance and that was it.

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With this win, Michael Venom Page manages to get the 16th win of his career, while the second first-round finish win after the loss to Lima. In the post-fight interview, MVP demanded a rematch against Lima to avenge his only loss in his career. MVP said:

“This is where my home is. London I love you. I see family, and I see friends, and I see all my supporters. I am the one and only MVP, it doesn’t matter who steps in the game! Who wants to see my fight Douglas Lima again? I’m going to take something back that he stole from me.”

Now though Michael Venom Page looked impressive tonight avenging his loss against Lima would be a whole different scenario. Douglas Lima is one of the best welterweights in the organization at the moment, coming off a huge win against Rory McDonald. However, MVP seems confident that he will be able to get the job done against Lima and this impressive win does help him get the rematch for sure.

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