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Organizers Apologize for Malaysian GP Supporting Championship Fuel Debacle

Organizers Apologize for Malaysian GP Supporting Championship Fuel Debacle

Formula 4 SEA

Along with the Formula 1 weekend, we often see many ‘supporting’ events. These events can be races from independent racing championships or feeder races. These races take place before the race, or whenever the organizers squeeze in enough time. These races are not always the main attraction for the weekend. But the Formula 4 South East Asia championship made its way to various articles on the internet.  All nine drivers in the third race for the championship failed to reach the chequered flag due to insufficient fuel in the tanks. Peter Thompson, the chairman of series organiser Asian Autosport Action, had to apologize for the hiccup:

“I apologize unreservedly for the results of race three. With races two and three back-to-back and without the possibility to top up, we filled the cars for both races before the start of race two.However we miscalculated the requirements. As we are a one-team championship all the drivers were unfortunately affected.”

Formula 4 SEA at Sepang
Formula 4 SEA at Sepang

What Happened?

The spectators saw cars slowing down and stopping in the ending laps. One-by-one, 7 cars stopped before starting the last lap. Kane Shepherd, due to all the cars that stopped on track, started the final lap behind the safety car. But he also ran out of fuel soon and had to stop right after turn 2.

Shepherd initially won the race. Upon further scrutiny, Danial Frost was adjudged the winner. The results were counted back according to the standing after 7th lap. This was because it was the last lap which every car was able to complete. Frost was happy at the results:

“It was a very interesting day, to say the least, I managed a great start and was able to pull away from everyone. After the halfway point though, I did see the driver behind me slow down and then not long after, I did as well. It is a disappointing way to end the race but on the positive I am happy with the result that was declared.”

Broken drain covers, Cars running out of fuel and Vettel out in Q1. The last race at Sepang is already turning into a bizarre weekend.

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