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Other teams didn’t have balls to sign Ocon: Mercedes boss

Other teams didn’t have balls to sign Ocon: Mercedes boss


Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff, has lashed out at rival teams for their ‘lack of balls’ to sign his junior driver, Esteban Ocon. As the merry go-round of the silly season winds up slowly, the Frenchman seems to be out of a seat for next year, compromising his career.

“What has been going on this year in July and August was just unbelievable,” an agitated Wolff told Sky Sports. “There was so much politics in the background, hidden agendas and lies.”

“In July he had two offers on the table and it was just a case of choosing which one was the right one. Then he ended up without anything because people simply don’t have the balls to stick to what they say.”

The Mercedes boss hit out at his rivals

“Not all of the good kids are going to be in cars next year and Esteban will probably be one of them,” added Wolff. Ocon had stated that he was bound to end up at Mercedes which may have put off potential suitors.

He had earlier said that he would be looking to give his best performances and was willing to fight to keep his F1 career beyond this season. He did seem a little pessimistic ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend.

“It’s hard to believe I was in a great position two months ago and things have gone that way now,” the Force India driver said yesterday.

“I worked really hard to get here and this year I think I progressed compared to last year,” added Ocon. He had equalled his best qualifying record when he was third on the grid at Belgium.

The Mercedes junior seemed gutted

Any driver who is unsure is bound to be disappointed and Ocon is no different. This can be best described by his own admission.

“I’m fighting hard to do the best I can every race. Driving here not knowing what I will do next year, it’s hard to swallow,” he said.

Ocon is one of the most talented drivers and has put in terrific performances in his short career and he’d be hoping something or the other turns up before the end of the season and that he will not be ousted like Vandoorne.


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