Ottomated Trolls Ludwig With an Among Us Skin

February 10, 2021 11:59 pm

Among Us has been on a roll ever since custom mods arrived. The mods have allowed the creation of countless new methods for gameplay. The various new mods include mods such as the Proximity mod, and the Ninja mod, among others.

One of the other features includes the creation of skins and hats for the players. Ottomated, who makes a lot of these custom mods for Twitch streamers, created a masterpiece of a troll skin for fellow streamer Ludwig.

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Ludwig rants about not having a custom Among Us skin

Ludwig, during an Among Us session that also had Ottomated, goes on a rant about not receiving a custom Among Us skin. He started off by being pissed off and asking what Ottomated does for a living, to which Ottomated replies that he was just a developer. The American streamer goes on a tear by faking his anger towards Ottomated about not making a custom skin for him.

Furthermore, he questions why there are hats and scarves present in the game for other streamers in the group. He shows his anger more because he had only received a blemished coat. Ludwig further gave him a fake threat that Otto will be done in the industry soon for the disrespect he caused.

Ottomated shows hilarious custom skin for Ludwig

Ottomated stopped Ludwig abruptly to let him know that he had indeed created a skin for him. He further said that Ludwig had been playing an older version of the game. Ludwig then soon updated the game following Otto’s instructions.

After Ludwig successfully updated the game, Otto showed the custom skin that he had built for Ludwig. Ludwig couldn’t believe what he was seeing as Otto had created a custom wig that looked like Ludwig’s actual hair. Ludwig realizes the troll he had just received from Otto and sarcastically thanks Otto for the troll. In an unpredictable set of events, a calm and collected Otto had put down a raging Ludwig.

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