Jamaal Williams getting hit in the head by a collision with Derek Barnett
Jamaal Williams got hit in the head by a collision with Derek Barnett in the match against Eagles

Green Bay Packers running back Jamaal Williams, after being hit on the head in Thursday night football, was taken to a local hospital in Green Bay for further evaluation. ESPN further reported that Williams was evaluated for head and neck injuries and had feeling and movement in his extremities.

Just at the beginning of the Thursday night football match between Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles, Jamaal Williams got hit on the head. On the Packers’ first play of the night, Aaron Rodgers completed a pass to Jamaal Williams. After a group of Eagles defenders stood him up, Derek Barnett made his way over to the group of bodies and charged at Williams to make collide with Williams. The head to head collision looked scary and kept Williams on the ground for a while, before he was taken off in a stretcher.


Apart from his injury, the Packers were in for another not so good news a few minutes later, as they suffered their first loss of the season. It did not start in that fashion though as the Packers went 7-0 up in the first quarter on the back of the return of Aaron Rodgers in their offense.

But the Eagles came back strongly and the game was close right up until the final moments as Green Bay’s offense kept threatening the goal line in hopes of forcing overtime with 28 seconds to play. It was all over for the Packers when Rodgers final attempt was intercepted in the end zone and the referee blew the final whistle. Eventually, the game ended with a score of 27-34 in favour of the Eagles.