Parma automatically relegated after financial meltdown

Published 02/22/2015, 12:25 PM EST

Parma FC has been in financial meltdown in recent years and it has finally come to a head with the club being virtually ‘dissolved’ and consequently relegated from Serie A, each of their games for the rest of the season will be recorded as a 3-0 defeat and the future of the club remains uncertain. However, I have never understood why they call it 3-0, kind of rubs salt into the wound, doesn’t it?

Despite finishing 6th in the last season, Parma were kicked out of Europe for failing to pay their taxes. At this point the club’s owner sold the club for a single Euro. The new owner then installed a 29 year old as Club President before changing his mind about the purchase and selling Parma once again for the same amount he’d paid, one Euro.

This Italian football club was a once a European giant and through the years has possessed players like Buffon, Veron, Asprilia, Thuram, Zola, Dino Baggio, Cannavaro and of course Hernan Crespo, who they sold for £35million back in 2000. It’s crazy to think that a club with such history could just disappear into obscurity.

This is another dark day in Italian football and once again sheds light on the financial mismanagement of clubs that is happening the world over.



Pranav Kuchimanchi

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