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Patrick Head Returns To Williams F1 Team In Consultancy Role

Patrick Head Returns To Williams F1 Team In Consultancy Role


Williams F1 happen to be one of the punching bags in the current season. To say that they are struggling at this point in time with just 2 races behind them would not be an understatement.

Or would it?

There was a time where Williams were considered one of the finest teams in the sport. And there was little doubt about them anyways especially with names like Alain Prost associated with them. After all, the ‘Professor’ returned to Williams, the Frank Williams-outfit in 1993, having been sacked by Ferrari in 1991, following it up with a sabbatical from the sport that lasted for a year.

We know what happened in the 1993 World championship, don’t we?

So, can that time come back again? Well, who knows and who is one to discard the idea? But having said that, one can always begin again- isn’t it? And that said, in what appears as a major boost to the side, former engineering director Patrick Head, who was associated with the racing team since 2011 has returned to the side.

Even as Mr. Patrick Head’s return to Williams is in a consultancy role, one’s sure that the dilapidated outfit that’s seemingly going nowhere will take that anyway. And why shouldn’t it? After all, Mr. Head brings well over half a decades worth of experience to a side that’s trying desperately to get going.

In that regard, one can certainly expect the likes of young George Russell and his experienced teammate Robert Kubica to feel a bit of a boost in their 2019 season.

“I think it will be great,” said Russell. “He’s only coming in as a support role, it’s nothing full time, but with his presence he’s a very strong character with a lot of personality and maybe [that’s] what we need at the moment.

“With all his experience and [the] history he has at Williams, just having him around will lift everybody.

“Patrick is a fantastic engineer and all of his success speaks for itself.

Russel’s more experienced teammate, Robert Kubica, said, “He’s not looking for anything full time, he’s been there and done that. He’s part of Williams and will help where needed. Like I said, will be great to have him around.”

“Patrick has a lot of experience and everyone at Williams respects him a lot,”

He’s done an enormous job in the past for this team so it’s good that he will be able to help us, [although] I’m not sure in what way exactly.”

Can Kubica deliver a point or two ahead? Who wouldn’t want that? (Pinterest)

For a side that’s far from having scored a point, let alone finishing close to the final ten in any of the two races contested so far, one wonders whether there could be anything better other than having an old guard back?

In that regard, F1 journalist Michael Delaney shared the following in his observation about Patrick Head’s return to Williams:

“Along with founder and associate Sir Frank Williams, Head was at the forefront of the team’s emergence as a dominant force in Formula 1 for two decades before a slow and seemingly irreversible slump set in.”

That told, does the news bring a bit of a smile back onto Claire Willaims’ face? Well, let’s hope so.

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