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Patrick Mahomes Limps off the Field against Broncos after a Horrible Knee Injury

Patrick Mahomes Limps off the Field against Broncos after a Horrible Knee Injury

Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes was forced off the field due to what looked like a horrible injury against Denever Broncos on Thursday.

He was injured in a pile up near in the goal line during the second quarter, which was later known to be kneecap dislocation.

Mahomes, after his injury, was laying without much movement with Chiefs center Austin Reiter in a bad position below him.

“I think I was just yelling, ‘Get off me,’ but I didn’t realize it was him,” Reiter said after the match. “And everybody’s telling me, I’m hearing from the refs, ‘Just stay still, stay still.’ And I’m just laying on my stomach face down. I just had to listen to the refs and not move. As soon as I realized it was his voice, I was like, all right, I’m not moving an inch.”

A cart had come to take Mahomes off, which Reiter said he refused, and was helped off the field by two trainees.

Chiefs guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif said that there was an immediate feeling around the ground, sensing that it could be a very bad injury.

“Everybody could have known something was wrong,” Duvernay-Tardif said.

“He was saying, ‘It’s out, it’s out.’ Nobody really understood what he meant at that time and then we saw it. … That’s when we started panicking. Not panicking but seeing that he was not all right.”

Tight end Travis Kelce said, “His knee didn’t even look like a knee. It was all out of whack. I couldn’t even describe it.”

The severity of the injury was almost immediately understood and Mahomes was declared out of the game. The Chiefs eventually trashed the Broncos 30-6 and their injured quarterback looked in a decent mood as he took to twitter to cheer for his team’s victory.


Chiefs coach Andy Reid, talking about the injury after the game, said that it was a “freak thing” and very few people are injured in that manner.

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