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Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady was Left Annoyed with the Jaguars vs Titans Game

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady was Left Annoyed with the Jaguars vs Titans Game

Tom Brady

When there are as many as 15 penalties awarded within the first two quarters of a football match, it might add to the drama, but the continuous breaks will not help the flow of the game. That is what New England Patriots quarterback felt while watching Thursday night NFL game between Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans.

Referee Shawn Hochuli and crew stopped the game on 15 occasions in the first half to award penalties. Brady felt so disgusted with the way in which the penalties were awarded that he tweeted he was “turning off” the game saying he could not watch it anymore. “Just let us play,” he also tweeted unsatisfied over the number of penalties awarded.



Overall, the game saw 20 penalties in total for the game, including declined penalties, most of which went against the Titans, leading them to a second consecutive defeat. More worrying for the Titans would be the declining form their once a promising quarterback,  Marcus Mariota. He had suffered four sacks in the two previous games, and the Jaguars hardly needed any second invitation to exploit it. In the game, Mariota was sacked as many as nine times. Eventually, the titans suffered a heavy 7-20 defeat to the Jaguars.

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel tried to find a few positives in the loss, though there weren’t many.“I think there’s a lot of guys that fought, a lot of guys that competed. We’ll have to find out if everybody was doing that. Judging by the score, probably not.” he said.

The game, which was criticised for its officiating by Tom Brady, has to be taken note of, as Brady is not one for a controversy. Comments like these from a person like Brady might be taken seriously.

Apparently this was not the only occasion where a player crticised the officials in the first few weeks of the new season. Earlier, James Adams expressed his disappointment on being fined by the NFL and went to call the league “a joke.”

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