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Paul George would “Someday” Reveal Why he Left Indiana Pacers

Paul George would “Someday” Reveal Why he Left Indiana Pacers

Paul George

Paul George wasn’t surprised even after being booed every time he touched the ball on Monday against Indiana Pacers even after over two years since leaving them.

George left the Pacers after a trade request in 2017 and played for Oklahoma City Thunder before joining Los Angeles Clippers before the start of the season. Despite having visited Indiana thrice as an opponent, Monday’s road trip still felt like the first with faced incessant jeering from the Pacers crowd.

“I’m not surprised,” George said after the match as per ESPN. “That’s Indiana for you. It’s a Hoosier thing.”

George, 29, seemed to suggest that there were his own reasons behind leaving the Pacers in 2017, and that he will be revealing them later.

“You know, someday I’ll do a tell-all and tell the leading events of how I left Indiana,” George said. “And I promise you, I’m not the one to boo.”

“I’m not gonna share the teaser,” George later added. “… I like being the villain. I’m here two nights out of the year. The people they should boo is here a lot longer than I am.”

The PG-13 did not however, reveal who he was referring to.

The reception that George received did surprise Clippers coach Doc Rivers, who said he was “unprepared” for it.

“Yeah, I was shocked,” Rivers said. “I really was … I was ill-equipped.

“It was offensive to me,” Rivers added with a chuckle. “But I was unprepared for that. I thought that, I didn’t know it was bad feelings and it was lingering. Obviously it was.”

Paul George, as has done previously, answered the crowd with his performance. He topped the scoring on the night with 36 points. George also contributed with nine rebounds and five assists, leading his team to a 110-99 victory in the absence of Kawhi Leonard.

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