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It’s Payback Time for Max Verstappen

It’s Payback Time for Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has admitted that his shove on Esteban Ocon in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was “revenge for Brazil.”

Verstappen was furious with his long-time rival when Ocon’s attempt to unlap himself in Brazil cost the Red Bull driver the race win.

The two touched and spun off the track, costing Max the win.

The 20-year old, who was leading at the time, finished second and later confronted Ocon, pushing him in the weighing room as he didn’t like his “smile”.

Verstappen was slapped with two days of public service by the FIA for his antics.

However, it seems the Dutchman isn’t over his clash with Ocon as he admits he took “revenge” in Abu Dhabi.

Time for a little payback

The duo found themselves wheel-to-wheel at the Yas Marina circuit where this time Verstappen did his pushing on the track.

The Red Bull driver admitted that it was intentional.

“I thought to myself ‘If he shuts the door, I’ll push him off the track’. It may have been revenge for Brazil,” Verstappen told Servus TV.

“I liked it. It felt good.”

Verstappen finished the season-ending grand prix in third place while Ocon retired from his final race as a Force India driver.

The Dutchman started the race in 6th but had a poor start to run on the edge of the top 10. However, he was unfazed and began to claw his way back up the order.

When he came up to overtake Esteban Ocon, many expected sparks to fly, considering what happened last race. The circumstances were also different as they were racing for position as opposed to Brazil.

But this time, when Verstappen dived down the inside, Ocon jinked to avoid him, likely fearing a repeat of Interlagos. Luckily for he two of them, there was no major contact other than tapping tyres.

The stand-off between Ocon and Max post Brazil
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