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Controller Aim Assist Buff Creates An Uproar In The Fortnite Community

Controller Aim Assist Buff Creates An Uproar In The Fortnite Community


The aim-assist for controllers in Fortnite has been a topic of constant debate within the community. As an increasing number of players have shifted to controllers, tournaments like the FNCS Invitational keep getting dominated by controller players. Meanwhile, traditional keyboard and mouse players like Ninja and Tfue have scrutinized Epic’s implementation of the broken aim-assist on PC.

Last week, the developers acknowledged the criticisms in the patch notes for the 12.60 update. They assured to bring forward necessary adjustments once the FNCS Invitational reached its conclusion. Today, the update v12.61 went live with players expecting some changes. However, it seems, the latest Fortnite update failed to make a positive impact on the demands of the player base. Instead of nerfing the aim assist for PC controllers, Epic has reportedly buffed it up.

Controller aim assist receives a buff instead of a nerf

After the new update went live, several pro players tested the aim-assist changes themselves. Cody “Clix” Conrod, one of the most skilled players on keyboard and mouse, was among them. Learning about the enhanced aim-assist for controllers astounded him. It seems that players are now able to connect their shots precisely even beyond the 100-meter range. Clix’s reaction and findings are showcased in a clip he posted on Twitter.

Another professional Fortnite player, Knight, also provided a couple of video clips of him testing the adjustments. Similarly, he also reported the aim-assist being stronger at distances farther than 100 meters. Moreover, he showcased the “busted” aim by efficiently tracking targets through builds.

Fortnite pros disappointed with aim assist adjustments

The aim-assist for controllers on PC has emerged as one of the major talking points in competitive Fortnite. Since the v12.61 update, numerous pro players have expressed their thoughts about the PC controller adjustments on social media. While some are astonished, others are dissatisfied.

Tfue is currently playing Warzone and is taking a break from Fortnite after growing frustrated with the game. He joked that people genuinely expected a nerf and stated the game is “made for little kids who play on controller.”

Fortnite World Cup Champion, Bugha is among the most vocal players calling for Epic Games to nerf aim-assist. He tagged ThwifoΒ in a tweet and deemed his decision correct. What was the decision? You may ask. Just like Tfue, the player for Ghost Gaming is also on a break.

A top pro player from Europe, Benjyfishy, had a hard time comprehending Epic’s decision to buff instead of a nerf.

Australian pro, SerpentAU, summed up the community’s reaction to the aim-assist changes in the form of a hilarious video clip featuring English YouTube personality, KSI.

South American Esports analyst and Fortnite coach, Speedy, made a Warzone reference to describe the situation.

Twitch streamer, Dakotaz, doesn’t feel good about the update either.

Meanwhile, pro player for NRG eSports, Unknown, had this to say.

Esports Talk uploaded a video on YouTube, discussing the buff for controller aim-assist sharing reactions of recognized personalities from the Fortnite community. Here’s the video if you want to watch it.

The latest patch has seemingly added more fuel to the fire burning around PC controller aim-assist in the competitive scene. Hopefully, this is just Epic’s way of testing things before they make more significant adjustments in Fortnite Season 3.

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