“PC Is Gonna Explode”- Shroud Talks About Future Of Gaming

June 20, 2020 3:50 am

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is one of the most influential personalities in the world of gaming. Highly regarded for his pin-point accurate aim and versatile skill set, he has played professional CS: GO at the topmost level. After that, Shroud brought over his gaming expertise to the streaming industry. Since then, he has established himself as of the biggest stars in the field of content creation.

Shroud has dedicated years of his life to achieve incredible proficiency in first-person shooters. This is why fans regard his gaming knowledge and opinions as highly as his dexterity with a keyboard and mouse. In a recent episode of Shroud Talks, the Mixer star discussed a wide range of topics from Call of Duty to the future of gaming.

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Call of Duty titles are “two-week games” for Shroud

Every year for the past several years, the Call of Duty franchise has treated fans with a new title. There is no doubt each CoD game has its own unique content and storyline. However, the point Shroud is trying to make is that throughout the years, fans have experienced enough CoD to eventually end up playing the new game for two weeks only.

Interacting with his viewers, he said, “Is every single CoD a two-weeks game? Let’s be honest. I bet all of you guys play a new Call of Duty for two weeks, and then you stop. Release after release after release, right?”

The same analogy is valid for Battlefield games too. These games are developed for making sales, not for lasting long, according to him.

Shroud also gave his opinion on sports games, after a fan pointed out the number of titles FIFA has amassed. Although EA’s FIFA franchise releases a new game every year, most of the titles feature similar content, like the ones before it. He labeled these games “copypastas”.

Subsequently, a viewer highlighted the similar frequency of new FIFA and Call of Duty releases. The streamer responded that CoD developers “have a lot more to work with” than just soccer fields.

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Cross-play is the future of gaming

Shroud holds the opinion that enabling cross-play has brought in an enormous pool of players to Warzone, contributing to its immense success. On the other hand, Apex Legends lacks in this department. The game has much lesser players on PC compared to console, and the lack of cross-platform play makes it “a bad recipe for success”.

I think cross-play is definitely the future. So, I think more games need to go that route… I think we need to find a way to have a fair, balanced playing field on all platforms,” Shroud stated.

Meanwhile, Respawn recently announced they will implement cross-play in Apex Legends. The studio has made the right decision by the looks of it.

The Mixer streamer went on to explain how the upcoming next-gen consoles will massively influence the future of gaming, as well as the gaming industry. The PS5 and Xbox Series X is not only going to revolutionize console gaming, but will also set a benchmark for enhancements to PC hardware.

Whenever a new console comes out, that’s like a very very big push in the gaming industry. The games get better. The hardware gets better, everything just f***ing fast forwards,” he said.

I’m assuming when the next-gen consoles come out, the Xbox is gonna be f***ing nuts, and then PC is gonna explode like a year or two later, and then their hardware’s gonna be absolutely insane. I’m excited for the future, dude.

Just like the rest of us, Shroud is thrilled about the future of gaming.

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