“Perspective is Seriously Lacking”: Andy Roddick Slams Mladenovic for ‘Prisoners’ Comments on US Open Protocols

September 4, 2020 5:43 pm

Currently, tennis fans are enjoying the 2020 US Open, but it is a different story as far as the participants are concerned. Due to the pandemic, the event had to impose many restrictions and players haven’t taken lightly to it. Seeing this, Former World No. 1 Andy Roddick hit back at those athletes.

The American star took to Twitter, and he started off by addressing Kristina Mladenovic. According to her, players are being treated as ‘prisoners’ in the US Open bubble. In response to this, Roddick wrote,

“Prisoners/criminals don’t get a chance to play sport/2nd rounds for 6 figures in prize money. Safety protocols are the only reason there’s the chance for players/fans to enjoy the Open. Unfortunately perspective is seriously lacking w this take.”

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Andy Roddick Attacks More Players

After this, Andy addressed Benoit Paire. The Frenchman, who recently tested positive for COVID-19 and called the US Open bubble ‘fake’. Roddick, unsurprisingly, did not take kindly to this remark. In his reply, he said,

“I’d say that the fake bubble has successfully navigated a huge international event. Hopefully Paires French Open will be as successful.”

Moving on, the 2003 US Open champion attacked Alexander Zverev for his recent statements. The German criticized the lack of communication by the organizers when Paire tested positive and in his counter-argument, Roddick said,

“I would also say that Zverev (who I’m a fan of) should be one of the last to throw stones at the way people make their way during Covid.”

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Here, Roddick was referring to the number of controversies that Zverev got in over the last few months. The German participated in the Adria Tour that led to many COVID-19 cases, and in addition to that, he attended a full-blown party right in the middle of a pandemic.

Clearly, everyone shares a different view with regard to the Coronavirus protocols. However, there is no point arguing over it and we should all enjoy the US Open that will start its third-round matches today.

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