“Clay Collard Shouldve Won Unanimous” – MMA Fans Outraged After ‘HARDEST WORKING’ Clay Collard Gets Snubbed at PFL 4 Headliner

Published 06/19/2022, 12:36 AM EDT

Clay Collard put on another ‘Fight of the Year’ contender at PFL 4: 2022 Regular Season in Atlanta, Georgia. But unfortunately for him, the decision didn’t go his way. Alex Martinez found some strong grappling positions and two of the three judges scored the fight for him. Part of the MMA world, though, wasn’t pleased with the decision.


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Collard has made a reputation for being an all-out entertainer inside the PFL cage. Many MMA fanatics showed concern with the decision loss that saw ‘Cassius’ depart the million-dollar tournament.


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MMA world reacts to the judges’ scorecard for Clay Collard vs. Alex Martinez

The closely contested bout, that even all the judges didn’t agree upon, had some MMA fans in rage as they thought Collard did enough to get his hand raised.

On Instagram stories, coach Eric Nicksick reacted to Verdict MMA’s post that showed Collard decisively winning on the Verdict score, i.e. a scorecard from the members of the Verdict community who score a contest live, and afterward.

“TRASH. THIS GUY IS ONE OF THE HARDEST WORKING FIGHTERS I KNOW. SCREWED TWO YEARS IN A ROW ON SOME BULLS**T,” Eric Nicksick wrote, showing his disappointment with the decision.

MMA Journalist Shaheen Al-Shatti believed Clay Collard won that fight.

Another MMA reporter admired the bout and suggested what could be next for Collard. He wrote, “Clay Collard wins a Fight of the Year contender and is out of the 2022 playoffs. Man… Well, book Collard vs. Stephens 2 as a showcase bout.”

Other MMA fans shared the same sentiment that ‘Cassius’ had tough luck in the past two PFL tournaments whenever it went to the judges’ scorecards.

The PFL 4 headliner had virtually $1 million on stake. Collard, who lost the semi-finals last time around to Raush Manfio, came out swinging for the fences. Unfortunately for Cassius, a resilient Alex Martinez did enough to convince two of the three important individuals.

Who actually won the fight, Collard or Martinez?

In the first round, Collard put on a clinic till the last moments when Martinez landed a takedown and did some work before the bell. But prior to that, ‘Cassius’ was having success in close range and from distance. The profound boxer even landed a takedown of his own. Thus, the first round easily went to Collard and all three judges gave the round to him.

In the second round, the 29-year-old started the round strong as he dropped his counterpart. Thereafter, Collard tried to lock a submission (arm-bar) but lost the top position to Martinez, who quickly secured his back and got the hooks in for a rear-naked choke.

The chaotic fight saw the best element of Collard when he not only refused to tap but made the mockery of the choke as well. This was a very close round as both fighters had their moments. Two of the judges scored the round for Martinez, whereas one had it for Collard.


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The third round saw Collard land effective strikes from the feet; Martinez looked to take the bout to the ground. Though ‘Cassius’ stuffed multiple takedowns, he went right into a guillotine choke around the mid-section of the third round.

Also, Martinez ended the round on top, while Collard had success throughout the round. All three judges scored the round for Martinez, which gave him the split decision win (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).


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Do you agree with the decision? Was Martinez’s grappling enough to secure a win for him?



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