2021 Masters Prize Money – Complete Breakdown of the Prize Purse Payout at Augusta National

Published 04/10/2021, 2:30 PM EDT
AUGUSTA, GA – APRIL 07: A flag with the Augusta National logo is seen during the Par 3 Contest prior to the 2010 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club on April 7, 2010 in Augusta, Georgia. (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

The 2021 Masters is underway and the world’s best golfers are competing at the prestigious Augusta National. Winning the tournament will earn the champion a place in the history books, but there is also another major perk: The champion receives a huge chunk of the total Masters prize money and everyone wants a piece of it. 


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The Masters is one of the most celebrated golf tournaments. In fact, fans hold so much reverence over the event held at Augusta National as it’s been around for 80+ years. With each passing year, the excitement around the tournament only keeps increasing, which is a good sign indeed. 

2021 Masters Prize Money: How much will the top five players on the leaderboard earn 


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The top players on the leaderboard after four grueling rounds will indeed receive a massive payout. The champion is always the player who gets the highest share of the prize purse and this structure is prevalent in every professional golf tournament. 

The 2021 Masters awards a total prize purse of $11.5 million which is the same as last year. So, the winner of the event will take home a lavish 18% stake from the total Masters prize money. To be precise, the winner of the 2021 Masters will take home $2,070,000. 

Golf – The Masters – Augusta National Golf Club – Augusta, Georgia, U.S. – April 9, 2021 England’s Justin Rose acknowledges the crowd on the 18th green after completing his second round REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

The player finishing second place will not get a similar 18% share as the winner, but he will end up with 10.8% which will be $1,193,400. Here is a tabulated breakdown of the payout the top five players will receive at the 2021 Masters




18% of the total purse


Second Place

10.8% of the total purse$1,193,400

Third Place

6.8% of the total purse$751,400
Fourth Place

4.8% of the total purse


Fifth Place4% of the total purse


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The complete breakdown of the total purse

The top five players alone won’t be rewarded with prize money at the 2021 Masters. In fact, the entire field competing on the weekend will receive a payout, but the figure wouldn’t be in seven figures, unfortunately. 

The Masters prize money breakdown has not been officially announced by the Augusta National, but since the total prize purse is the same as last year, the organizers are likely to follow the same pattern once again. 

Golf – The Masters – Augusta National Golf Club – Augusta, Georgia, U.S. – April 9, 2021 Members of staff update the scoreboard during the second round REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

The remaining players besdies the top five will be given a prize money based on the finish. Here’s the complete breakdown of the $11.5 million Masters prize money in 2021: 


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  • $2,070,000 (Winner)
  • $1,242,000 (Runner-up)
  • $782,000
  • $552,000
  • $460,000
  • $414,000
  • $385,250
  • $356,500
  • $333,500
  • $310,500
  • $287,500
  • $264,500
  • $241,500
  • $218,500
  • $207,000
  • $195,500
  • $184,000
  • $172,500
  • $161,000
  • $149,500
  • $138,000
  • $128,800
  • $119,600
  • $110,400
  • $101,200
  • $92,000
  • $88,550
  • $85,100
  • $81,650
  • $78,200
  • $74,750
  • $71,300
  • $67,850
  • $64,975
  • $62,100
  • $59,225
  • $56,350
  • $54,050
  • $51,750
  • $49,450
  • $47,150
  • $44,850
  • $42,550
  • $40,250
  • $37,950
  • $35,650
  • $33,350
  • $31,510
  • $29,900
  • $28,980

Dustin Johnson, the defending champion, shockingly missed the cut after 36-holes. Such is the unpredictability of the highly competitive tournament. Who do you think will earn the green jacket this year?


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