WATCH: Joel Embiid Uses Foul Language on Live TV; Later Apologizes For His Words

Joel Embiid couldn’t control his language in front of the camera on Monday after the game against Atlanta Hawks.

After an impressive performance, Embiid was on live TV when he spoke words that might not be ideally suited.

(Video might contain profanity) 

However, Embiid later apologized for his words on live TV.

Joel Embiid had fun scoring his career-high points

Close to half of Embiid’s career-high score on Monday came in the final quarter. Incredibly, his tally in the fourth quarter was more than that of the Hawks’ whole team.

“I said I was going to get back to having fun,” Embiid said after his performance as per ESPN. “Having fun comes in different forms. I don’t always have to be smiling or laughing all the time; I can have fun just dominating the game.

“Obviously, tonight was just one of those nights where I was having fun like the old days, just having fun with the crowd. Some nights, I might want to dominate and stay quiet, but it was cool. The most important thing was that we bounced back [from the Milwaukee loss] and got the win.”

Apart from his 49 points, Embiid also had 14 rebounds, three assists, three steals, and a block. His performance led the Sixers to a 129-112 victory in a game that looked tight at the end of three quarters.

“We’re all going to point to the numbers, and this and that, but the bottom line is this: When he comes out with that activity, that energy, that mentality, he makes a statistician work. And we will win a lot of games.” Sixers coach Brett Brown said after the game.

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