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“Piece of s**t video game”- summit1g Lashes Out At Valorant’s Twitch Streams

“Piece of s**t video game”- summit1g Lashes Out At Valorant’s Twitch Streams

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Since its closed beta release on April 7, Valorant has been one of the most popular games on Twitch. Although the game is still under development, it hasn’t stopped Valorant from dominating Twitch viewership charts. The game achieved a peak concurrent viewership of more than 1.7million and has already broken the record of ‘single-day hours watched’ for a single game category. But have these numbers always been accurate? Prominent Twitch streamer summit1g doesn’t think so.

What Did summit1g Say About Valorant?

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar is a seasoned streamer who is nearing a decade of exclusively streaming on Twitch. He has praised Valorant when deserved but also hasn’t shied away from criticizing the game when required.

While live streaming Sea of Thieves on April 24, the status of Twitch’s Valorant section disappointed summit1g. He claimed that some Valorant streamers are misleading about closed beta drops to attract viewers.

Highlighting to his viewers, the Valorant section’s viewership number, summit exclaimed, “It’s the absolute fakest section on Twitch right now! Am I wrong?  Look at that number. Is that real? Not even f***ing close.”

He added, “You know what that does, man? It helps me burn out on Valorant just a little bit quicker. You know what I’m saying? I don’t wanna be in that category, just wanna kinda step out of it.” Asking his chat to look at the Valorant section he was displaying on his screen, he yelled, “How many 24/7 drops can you see, just scrolling down this section at a mediocre speed, how many f***ing 24/7s are on this category? It’s disgusting. It’s f***ing gross.

Summit further lashed out at streamers ruining the Valorant category by pretending to be live, “You should all be f**king ashamed. You’re not Twitch streamers. You’re not even YouTubers because you’re not even putting in the work they put in. There’s no editing, you f***ing throw up your VOD as soon as you go offline. Like I’m playing my outro video, a couple of double clicks and you leave. What a joke.

He ended his rant, saying, “Valorant looks like a piece of sh*t video game right now on Twitch. This doesn’t look like the number one game on Twitch.

Summit also mentioned he likes playing Valorant, but it won’t stop him from pointing out how certain streamers are duping unsuspecting viewers.

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Closed Beta Drops Promote Fake Viewing?

Summit1g wasn’t the first streamer to call out Twitch streamers who use Valorant drops to bait viewers into thinking they are live streaming. Earlier, DrLupo, another ever-present Twitch streamer, also addressed the same issue of how streamers reuse old VODs for easy advertisement revenue.

In an announcement on Valorant’s website, it was mentioned that viewers are entitled to closed beta drops after they surpass two hours of watch-time on Valorant streams with drops enabled on Twitch.

Summit has valid points with his statements, and it suggests the closed beta drops are doing more wrong than good.

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