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Pierre Gasly Finds No Sympathy from Max Verstappen

Pierre Gasly Finds No Sympathy from Max Verstappen

After Pierre Gasly got ousted from Red Bull and back to Toro Rosso, there was plenty of support. However, there was none from his now former teammate, Max Verstappen, who had a brutal assessment. According to the Dutchman, axing Pierre Gasly is for the good of the team.

On Monday, Red Bull announced that the Frenchman would be back in Toro Rosso for the remainder of the season. Meanwhile, his vacated Red Bull seat would be taken over by Alexander Albon, with the French driver swapping seats.

Honestly speaking, not many were really surprised by the announcement of Gasly’s demotion. In spite of Red Bull’s numerous assurances that Gasly’s seat was safe, they bare-face lied about it. However, Red Bull’s choice to replace him caught everybody off guard.

Poor old Pierre Gasly could only muster a third of Verstappen’s points in the first 12 races of 2019. Meanwhile, the Dutch driver was fighting for a third win of this season in Hungary. What was an even bigger slap to the face was that the struggling Gasly was lapped.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen confessed that he felt for his former team-mate, but understands Red Bull’s decision.

“Of course it is a pity for Pierre, but I personally don’t care much who my team-mate is,” he revealed to De Telegraaf.

“The point is that we need to perform better with the other car and thereby gain more points for the team.”

Meanwhile Gasly’s manager has told RMC Sport that his return to Toro Rosso will allow the driver to show “his true value at a team he loves and with whom he has already proven”. In a way, this is a way for Pierre Gasly to recharge and build up his confidence. So, if by some chance, an opportunity arises once again, putting in a string of decent Toro Rosso performances could get him back to Helmut Marko’s good graces.

Max Verstappen
Source: Motorsport.com
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