Pierre Gasly Trolls Daniil Kvyat’s ‘Russian Mafioso’ Haircut

April 23, 2020 9:56 pm

Recently, AlphaTauri duo, Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat spoke to Sky Sports F1. All F1 drivers are currently stuck in lockdown and trying to stay safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, the two drivers are managing, albeit in different countries, since Gasly is in Dubai and Kvyat is in Monaco.

Gasly revealed that he travelled to Dubai after the Australian GP’s cancellation. Apparently, that was his original plan before everyone headed off for the Bahrain Grand Prix. Sadly for Pierre Gasly, all airports in Italy were shut down, so he could not go home. He had the option of going to France, but he didn’t want to potentially put his family at risk. Hence, Pierre Gasly elected to stay with his trainer.

What else are Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat up to?

The French driver also confessed that aside from training, he often goes on the PlayStation to help kill time. Unfortunately, he does not have his simulator with him, so he normally plays Call of Duty or FIFA. In addition to that, he is also learning Italian in order to apply for his boating license.

Meanwhile, Kvyat is in Monaco and decided to try and give hairdressing a go. The Russian driver did reveal that the Monaco authorities to allow people outside from time to time, but only briefly. Like Pierre Gasly, Kvyat also spends his time exercising and training to keep fit.

When he is not training, he often reads, or watches movies or spends time in the simulator. Coming to his hair, Kvyat revealed that he took an hour to cut his hair. Then, Gasly quipped, “You look like a Russian Mafioso or something, like a GTA character. You could be a GTA character”. Not to be outdone, Daniil Kvyat shot back that that was his aim.

Then, everyone turned the bad haircuts spotlight on Gasly, giving him a taste of his own medicine. Apparently, he sent Romain Grosjean an old image for the latter’s birthday, and it featured Gasly with a bowl cut hairstyle. Needless to say, Kvyat promised to give Gasly tips to cut his hair.

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