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Pierre Gasly is getting used to the RB15, says Horner

Pierre Gasly is getting used to the RB15, says Horner

By collecting an impressive sixth from the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix, one of Formula One’s most exciting talents, Pierre Gasly collected 9 points. Now, one may find it interesting, since according to the quota of point-allotment, a sixth-place finish rewards a driver with eight points. But Pierre, the young French driver had also managed to set the fastest lap of the race.

Hence he earned an extra point. In so doing, Pierre Gasly contributed his bit to Red Bull, who collected 21 overall points, with his teammate Max Verstappen garnering a hard-fought fourth, hence 12 valuable points.

Yet, it can be said that Pierre Gasly, whose best-ever finish in F1 is a fourth that he secured in the 2018 Bahrain GP is yet to harvest the most from his craft. For a sport so utterly driven by uncertainties and surprise endings; not to mention heartbreaks, there’s an awful lot of expectations on young drivers.

Hence, Pierre Gasly, 23, has still got a lot to prove in F1, right? This is particularly because his young career has only just begun, Pierre Gasly’s debut race being the 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix.

But so far, the driver who finished only at a lowly fifteenth as of the last year, hasn’t really gotten used to the new (Honda-powered) Red Bull- or has he?

That told, his team principal Christian Horner has shared that Pierre Gasly hasn’t looked totally comfortable with the new car, the RB15.

So why’s that and what did the English leader had to share?

Not a man who makes a face or takes time to speak his mind, Christian Horner implied that Pierre Gasly is yet to extract the best from the car or optimize the best from the Red Bull machine.

Horner, therefore, shared the following:

“I think he’s made a step forward this weekend,” said Horner. “But I think he is still not totally comfortable within the car at the moment. Having said that, Christian Horner also shared optimism about Pierre Gasly’s talent and ability to make the most out of his car.

He would go on to further add, “I think it is proving to be a challenge for him but he is making progress and I think getting the fastest lap at the end of the race gives him confidence.”

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