Is Pirelli in some kind of heat, given the recent Grands Prix? Who knows, maybe the time will tell. But for starters, it seems that Pirelli is keen to introduce something interesting in 2020?

Up first, some context. In order to make F1 more competitive, a lot of teams, it is well known, are pointing to the current tyres.

The 2019 F1 season has seen quite a furore regarding the existing tyre compounds. Given the fact that quite a few F1 drivers have been complaining about the current tyres, it appears that the leading tyre suppliers in Formula 1- Pirelli- may be keen to introduce some change in the next season.

In fact, given the recently-concluded Canadian Grand Prix, a race that was mired in a heated debate following the five-second penalty handed to Sebastian Vettel, we heard Lewis Hamilton share his piece of mind on the tyres.

Not for the first time did the five-time world champion happen to share that in order to make “F1 more competitive,” one needs more “competitive tyres!”

Toward the end of the 70-lap controversy-laden contest, Lewis Hamilton, who was struggling for grips whilst running in second to catch Sebastian Vettel did point to his tyres. Of course, it’s quite another thing that Vettel was handed a penalty only for Lewis to win.

But it’s important to know that a stand-out image upon the completion of the event was the sight of the Mercedes driver sitting on the wheels of his race-winning car.

To that end, Pirelli’s boss Mario Isola has been facing quite some criticism following the tyre compounds, with many feeling that the rubber for the next season would much rather be such that makes the sport competitive. Therefore, it’s being felt that 2020 could see something enticing from Pirelli.

But what exactly, must one ask? Mario Isola is known to have shared the following in these lines:

Whether the window is narrower or not, they are asking for a wider working range. What is clear is that we have to work in the future to have a wider working range.

“Obviously we are designing new tyres for 2020, and also for 2021 considering the plan to remove blankets. So we are changing the approach in how we design the compounds.

“We will evaluate if we want to introduce something new for 2020 to test, also for 2021.”