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Players who need to move during the transfer window

Players who need to move during the transfer window

The Winter transfer window is not noted for high-value transfer deals or big star names. While there are few high-profile moves, loan moves or squad rotational players from big teams

Yet this transfer window can be important for some players in the Premier League to force a move away from their current team in order to regain regular football time. With the European Championships coming up in a few months, it’s vital for some players to force a move for playing time if they want to remain in contention for the final 23 squad.

So, a look at some players from the top Premier League clubs this season, who need to move on search of new pastures:

Arsenal FC

Mikel Arteta

Arteta has been a loyal servant to Arsenal since he joined in 2011. However since the 2014/15 season, thanks to injuries the captain of the team has hardly featured on the pitch. So far he has finished only 1 match.


With Elneny joining Arsenal, there is sufficient squad depth now. Even if it’s pointed against their injury woes, many of Arsenal’s midfielders are expected to return back over the next few weeks (most are scheduled to return ahead of their Champions League tie with Barcelona), the chances of Arteta starting or playing sufficient minutes in each match are slim.

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