PlayStation 5 Gets Firmware Update Within a Week of Launch

November 18, 2020 12:06 am

Sony launched the next-gen PlayStation 5 just a couple of days ago in select countries, worldwide. For many, it has been an excruciating wait for the last few years. Therefore, along with a star-studded exclusive lineup, there was something else that greeted them at the launch.

For those who purchased the PS5 and had early access, Sony released a couple of minor updates. However, this time, Sony has released a major firmware update for the next-gen console.

This will be the PlayStation 5’s first firmware update. However, whether this comes as good news or bad is up to fans to decide. Naturally, no fan expected to download an 868MB firmware update as the first thing on their console.

Sony continues the ambiguous update saga on the PlayStation 5

Sony had released various ambiguous updates back in the PS4 days. PS4 owners never knew what was wrong with their console, nor did they ever learn what got fixed. It hasn’t even been a week since the PS5 launched and Sony has already rolled out an update.

The firmware update that will bring the system software to version 20.02-02.25.00 doesn’t come with a lot of patch notes. The only information that Sony has provided is a promise of performance improvement.

Within the first week of play, fans have already reported a lot of issues with the console. One of these issues is related to the rest mode on the console. As players attempt to put the console on rest mode while gaming, it ends up crashing. Many players are assuming that this might be the root cause of various other problems related to the external storage.

Interestingly, a YouTuber has already reported that his PS5 doesn’t boot anymore due to a similar issue.

This doesn’t look like a strong start for the next-gen consoles, especially considering Sony has had a lot of time to optimize it. Comparing both the consoles that have launched this week, the Xbox Series X|S seem to be in the lead.

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