PlayStation 5 Patrons Get Agonizing News Ahead of Launch

November 7, 2020 6:07 pm

The launch of PlayStation 5 is within touching distance, and the build-up to it is throwing up a number of developments and updates. Each new day brings in heaps of new updates that allow the fans to draw a parallel with its perpetual competitor: Xbox.

PlayStation 5 will support external storage from day one, allowing users to play PS4 titles. However, PS5 titles can’t be shifted to an external disk to free up space. This puts PS5 at crossroads with Xbox Series S/X.

Microsoft’s new-gen console allows players to move the titles to external storage and move them back to internal storage whenever they wish to access them.

PlayStation 5 patrons won’t be able to shift the titles to an external drive

PS5 reserves over twenty percent of its 825GB storage for operating functions. This leaves around 645GB for the players to store their titles and their data, which many believe is far from sufficient for next-gen gaming.

Xbox has made it possible for the players to shift the titles to an external drive for their convenience. This will allow the layers to overcome the hassle of deleting a title and downloading it again later. This serves as a major issue for players who have internet data caps.

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While Sony won’t offer this function at launch, it is possible that it will appear via a future system update. Moreover, all hope is not lost as there is one solution in sight.

Players can store their backward compatible titles on the external drive, saving internal storage for exclusive PS5 titles. They can play these titles from the external drive, but the speed of the device might play a huge role in the load time of a title.

Shifting and accessing games as and when required is far more convenient than downloading them repeatedly. This has gutted the PlayStation patrons as Xbox has been marketing this strategy to have an edge over them.

There is a possibility that Sony might fix this issue with time. How long will the fans have to wait? Stay tuned to find out!

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