PlayStation 5 User Gives Console an Exquisite Makeover to Incite Nostalgia

November 15, 2020 6:20 pm

PlayStation 5 released in the US and select countries on November 12. While the rest of the world awaits the release, a recent development has become the talk of the town.

Sony announced two models of its new-gen console. The standard PS5 and a separate model dedicated to the digital version of titles. However, both these consoles come in only one color: white.

The white console has a premium finish and for sure looks breathtaking. But some PlayStation patrons have taken matters into their own hands to create a different rendition of the new console.

This has taken the entire community by storm and raised expectations for a ‘Limited Edition PlayStation 5’.

PlayStation 5 gets a ravishing makeover

Some users aren’t particularly fond of the white console as it breaks away from Sony’s staple color for its console: black. Sony also hasn’t outsourced the job of modifying the panels to any third-party companies.

Thus, it has prompted the users to take matters into their own hands to take the necessary steps. Those who have already received the console have adopted a few techniques to customize their panels.

One such user has caught the eye of the entire community. The user posted an image on the PS5 Reddit page, which includes a console covered in black Plasti Dip.

Image Credits- Hawkijustin

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The coating looks rather sleek on the console and emanates a shiny look compared to the matte finish of the original white panels.

Other users have taken a safer approach and have tried modifying the console under the original panel. A range of wraps are available in the market, but it will be intriguing to see if these hover on after hours of gaming.

This has received immense feedback from the community. This has also raised expectations from Sony to deliver a limited edition black console sometime in the future.

Will Sony listen to the plight of its patrons? We will just have to wait to find out!

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