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PlayStation 5 Will Cost More Than Xbox Series X According To Insider

PlayStation 5 Will Cost More Than Xbox Series X According To Insider

The ‘console war’ is at its peak right now. Console fanatics all over the world are waiting to get their hands on the next-gen, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. While people compare these two based on their hardware specifications, their price still remains a crucial factor in the buying decision. When Xbox One launched, it was priced at $499. This was $100 more than the PlayStation 4 that was available at $399. According to an industry insider, the PlayStation 5 will cost more than the Xbox Series X.

Popular insider, Dusk Golem, who is famous for his CAPCOM leaks and updates, said this on Twitter, in response to a user’s question:

To give you more context, he also recently mentioned how sources had told him that the Xbox Series X will be able to run games better than the PlayStation 5. He cleared it up by saying that this was only in context to the upcoming game Resident Evil: Village. But, of course, his statement was twisted, which he absolutely did not like. You can read about it here.

Dusk Golem on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Coming back to the tweet about the cost, he said “But people are should get ready for the really real possibility that the PS5 is going to end up being the more expensive console between the two, I’m trying not to say much here as I was asked not to but prepare yourself, which does put Xbox X in a position it’ll be the less expensive and more powerful console.

“I used RE8 as an example, but I’ve heard from other devs that PS5 struggles with 4k games in particular so you’ll see a lot of fake 4K. That doesn’t matter to some, but get ready for that too. Xbox X doesn’t have the same problem.”

It is difficult to predict how true this will turn out to be. There has been no indication, whatsoever, regarding the price of these consoles. As much as Xbox fans would love to believe it, it’s still purely speculative at this point. Sony did have the initial price advantage over Microsoft with the previous generation of consoles. But Xbox will not let that happen again.

The point Dusk makes here is interesting considering he said Xbox will be the “less expensive and more powerful console.”

We still haven’t seen either of the consoles in action. So, the part about Series X being more powerful is only on paper. Come November, all our questions will be answered.

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