Video gaming website GameSpot recently compiled the loading times for some backwards compatible games on the next-gen consoles. The results are astounding, as the Xbox Series X comfortably beats the PlayStation 5 in this aspect.


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These are the loading times for backwards compatible games on both the next-gen consoles:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2

Series X – 1 minute 4 seconds

PS5-  1 minute 5 seconds

  • Final Fantasy 15

Series X- 48 seconds

PS5- 1 minute 10 seconds

  • Destiny 2

Series X- 42 seconds

PS5- 57 seconds

  • Monster Hunter: World

Series X- 35 seconds

PS5- 51 seconds

  • Arkham Knight

Series X- 58 seconds

PS5- 1 minute 7 seconds

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“Blink and you’ll miss it,” Mark Cerny’s claims on the PlayStation 5 custom SSD

Mark Cerny, Chief Architect on the PS5, had previously claimed that the PS5’s custom SSD was put together with “instantaneous” load times in mind. Sony had always boasted the PS5’s “super fast SSD” and claimed that it is faster than the Xbox Series X.

However, the recent results tell a different story. Except Red Dead Redemption 2, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X seems to have an upper hand in loading the backwards compatible games.

It is worth noting that on paper, the Xbox Series X always had better specifications than the PS5. The Xbox Series X also has a better CPU and GPU than the PS5.

Will we see a similar difference in the loading times of the next-gen games?


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Despite lagging the Xbox Series X in loading the current-gen games, the PS5 is not a weak console. The gap between two console generations severely affects a console’s ability to run games.

In simple words, the PS5 is specifically customized to load and run next-gen games. According to some leaked videos, it can load exclusives like Spider-Man: Miles Morales much more efficiently because of the customizations. As a result, backwards compatible games are not the best indicator of the console’s performance.

However, the same applies for the Xbox Series X. None of the games were customized for Microsoft’s next-gen console, but it still beat the PS5’s “super-fast SSD.”


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Following these results, the console war has become more intense than ever. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S might not have the best exclusive titles at its disposal, however, their performance might be enough to vanquish the PS5.