PlayStation CEO Adamant $70 Price Tag For Next-Gen Exclusives Is ‘Fair’

November 19, 2020 3:25 pm

The release of PlayStation 5 might have come as good news for the fans, but the prices of the next-gen titles have dampened the excitement somewhat.

Playstation 5 boasts powerful hardware like the Xbox Series X. However, unlike the Xbox, PS5 is accompanied by a range of exclusives on launch and a bunch more are waiting to walk the ramp.

The fans, though, are rather concerned about the rise in the price of these titles that have been hiked. It’s true, gaming studios have had to work hard to make the most of PlayStation 5’s improved hardware capabilities.

But many still feel that the prices of the titles are a tad bit higher and shouldn’t become a practice. Sony CEO Jim Ryan, however, believes that the prices are rather fair.

Prices of PlayStation 5 titles are skyrocketing

Exclusives available at launch include Demon Souls Remake and Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition (also contains Marvel’s Spider-Man). Initial reports had suggested that the prices of the titles would increase, making gaming a slightly costlier hobby. In all likelihood, this will become a norm as we dive into an era of next-gen gaming.

Sony CEO, Jim Ryan was recently asked whether he considers $70 to be a lucrative price for a video game.

“Yes, yes, I do. If you measure the hours of entertainment provided by a video game, such as Demon’s Souls compared to any other form of entertainment, I think that’s a straightforward comparison to draw.”

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Ryan is possibly comparing a game to a movie. Users spend over ten hours (or more) trying to complete the objectives of a game for which they are potentially paying $70. A movie lasts not more than two-three hours and viewers sometimes pay more than $15-20 for it.

Ryan suggests console defining titles won’t take long to surface

Adding on to that, the ‘old’ consoles had a range of console defining games. With how things are shaping up, it is possible that PlayStation 5 users won’t have to wait for long for such titles to surface.

He said, “I think the performance of our studios on the PS4 generation was great. But it’s a little acknowledged phenomenon that virtually all the great generation defining games that we published on PS4 came in the second half of the cycle–and that won’t be the case this time round.”

Recent titles like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us II have shown the detail that goes behind giving the players an immersive experience. While we don’t know whether the prices of titles will rise, it’s safe to assume that these titles will knock our socks off!

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