PlayStation ‘Maintenance Error’ Causing Havoc

August 26, 2020 11:50 pm

The ongoing pandemic has brought with itself a range of unprecedented crises. Forced to sit at home, we have found solace in video games and the ability to play online with friends. However, the PlayStation Network took a hit today as users are reporting a problem with the servers.

Network issues are not uncommon and are usually fixed within a few hours. However, the frenzy that follows the same is a different ball game altogether. And that’s exactly what happened today.

Users from the US, Europe, and some parts of Asia reported issues while connecting to the servers.

Numerous issues plaguing the PlayStation Network

PSN down reports are on the rise as users have been complaining of errors while logging in. The independent outage monitor Down Detector reported a number of issues with PSN. PS4 games faced a maintenance error while logging in.

Down Detector reported that as many as 76% of users were not able to log in while the rest were not being able to access the games that were purchased online, subsequently affecting features like game sharing and online multiplayer.

The issue affected a lot of areas, the United States and Europe being the epicenters. Users took to the internet in a bid to complain about the error messages that they were facing.

Fluctuating Problem

Some users reported that the problem had been fixed, while others remained clueless. There was no official word from PlayStation. Therefore, predicting its revival was out of the question as it seemed like a fluctuating problem.

Some users took to Twitter to express their relief upon the restoration of the servers. We need to understand that such errors will always crop up with these consoles.

They might disrupt your connection once in a while, but there is only so much an organization can do. We will have to be patient while they work to resolve them.

Nakul Ahuja

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