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Point-less F1 Season is Painful: Grosjean

Point-less F1 Season is Painful: Grosjean


It is no secret that the current F1 campaign has been nothing short of a disaster for Haas’ Romain Grosjean. In eight races so far, he has failed to score any points, despite being in a great position at times to do so.

Even at his home race, he finished just outside of the points in 11th after yet another incident involving him. “We pushed as hard as we could, but we had some damage on the car from the first lap and that was difficult because it removed some aero balance”, Grosjean said.

“I came back as hard as I could, but we were just too far back. The car is super fast and Kevin [Magnussen] did a great job, I’m happy with that. But I want my turn to come because this stretch of bad luck is becoming painful”, the Frenchman sighed.

Magnussen [right] has been scoring all the points for Haas F1
Even Haas F1 boss, Gunther Steiner echoed his driver’s thoughts, “At the moment, it’s Romain for whom it goes all wrong. It never seems to be raining, it’s always pouring.”

“He is trying to get back on his feet, then he gets a penalty. After a while it beats you down. But I think he is strong enough to overcome it.”

Steiner also reminded people of a similar situation in the 2017 F1 season. “It seems to be always a difficult one, a driver going for it and one not. We had it with Kevin last year, when he had a down period and people were picking on him”, he commented.

The boss also said that he believed in his driver and that the ‘points are not far away from him’. Haas have been matching ‘best of the rest’ Renault for pace on most days but find themselves down in seventh place in the constructors’ battle.

They will need Grosjean to have a few clean weekends to complement Magnussen, who has done a magnificent job so far of scoring points for the team.

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