Pokimane Hits an Amazing Milestone on Twitch and Also Gets Her Own Garage Door Skin on Rust

January 10, 2021 4:28 pm

One of the prominent names in the streaming world, Pokimane started her career as a League of Legends player in 2013. She slowly built a significant community around her infectious personality that charms the viewers.

Recently, the streamer managed to hit an incredible milestone on Twitch that stamps her name as one of the biggest stars on the platform.

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Pokimane is grateful for the community’s response

The streamer managed to hit a milestone of 7 million followers on Twitch while also seeing a peak viewership count of 143K. In almost an 8-year long career, this has been the highest concurrent viewers she has ever managed to hit.

The long arduous hours of streaming and consistently churning out content have finally borne fruit.

She took to Twitter to share the news with her fans and friends who came together to celebrate the milestone.

The Among Us gang reacted to this news too, starting with the biggest streamer of 2020, Valkyrae.

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Recently, Pokimane also got her own garage door skin in the streamer led Rust servers. She shared the news with a tweet that also served as a giveaway for viewers who joined her livestream.

Covid served as a boon for streamers

The pandemic year of 2020 served as a boon for the online entertainment industry, and streamers of the world benefited from it greatly. Viewers discovered many new talented streamers in the lockdown period who were previously unknown.

It seems like the situation with the outbreak of the virus is not going to change anytime soon. Hopefully, the vaccines work and we are in a much better place soon enough. ASs for the streamers who rose to fame in the past year, they will keep their newfound superstar status and continue to entertain the community. They have all grown past their previous identity and have become household names by providing endless hours of free entertainment.

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